ISSN 1829-4618


By: Knarik Avakian, Institute of History of NAS RA

General Andranik Ozanian struggled during his entire life and by all possible means, against the enemies of the nation; he devoted himself to the liberation of the native land and to gain the freedom of his people. When the General’s Homeland-preserving struggle was suspended by international forces, and, indeed, his task remained unfinished, nonetheless, finding himself in emigration, he continued, under the new conditions, to contribute to the salvation of the nation’s genofund: to favor the repatriation of the deportees and refugees to the Motherland at his time, as well as in future to the Armenian territories being liberated (as decades later after Andranik’s death it has been realized in Artsakh), to make plans for their accommodation in the country. It was very hard for the General to reconcile himself with the fact of living in foreign lands, when he had dedicated his entire life to the liberation of his native land and people. By organizing in foreign countries periodical fund-raising actions and appearing in public with his Armenia-centered speeches and writings, the national hero Andranik continued his Motherland-supporting and All-Armenian nation-devoted mission.

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