ISSN 1829-4618
Guidelines for authors

Structure of articles

Name(s) of author(s)
Keywords not exceeding 5-7 words
Abstract not exceeding 100 words

  1.  Articles should be submitted in English (Armenian or Russian original text is required for non-English speaking authors).
  2. Please use Unicode fonts, preferably Sylfaen or Times New Roman.
  3. Font size - 12, size of fonts in footnotes – 10. 
  4. Interval between lines – 1.5 in the text (in the footnotes – 1)
  5. For the cited literature and sources please use Footnote
  6. Articles should be supplied with complete information about author(s)(scientific degree, office, position, and e-mail). 

 Articles should be supplied with Bibliography of used literature in accordance with the principles listed below:

In the Bibliography - Poghosyan P. 2000. Neighboring countries of Armenia, Yerevan.
In the footnotes - Poghosyan 2000: 12.

In the case of joint studies
Poghosyan P. and A. Armenyan 2000. Armenian-Chinese relations, Yerevan.
In the Footnotes - Poghosyan and Armenyan 2010: 12.

Article in the journal

In the Bibliography - Hovhannisyan A. 2012. Foreign policy of Syria in 2000-2010, Countries and Peoples of the Near and Middle East, vol.27, p. 14-27.
In the Footnotes - Hovhannisyan 2012: 18.

Unpublished thesis or dissertation
In Bibliography – Armenyan A. 1994. Iran-China trading-economic cooperation in 2000-2010 (unpublished PhD dissertation, Yerevan State University).

Internet resources and sites
In Bibliography – Armenyan A. Turkish-Tajik relations in 1991-1994, 12.05.2012,

*The title of article and Internet site should be mentioned fully.

Articles from newspapers
In Bibliography – Armenyan A., The president of IRI leaves for Yerevan, «Aravot», July 12, N 7, 2004.
In the Footnotes – Armenyan, «Aravot», July 12, N 7, 2004.

Article or report in the conference
Armenyan A. 2005. Turkish-Chinese relations, International conference of young orientalists, Yerevan, July 18-21, 2005 (name(s) of editor[s]), p.23-25.
In the Footnotes – Armenyan 2005: 23.

Figures and tables
Pictures, tables and maps should be presented in a continuous sequence with reference made in the text to each illustration. They should be submitted in high resolution (at least 300 dpi). 

Articles should be addressed to,

Submission of articles

Complete articles (text, tables and figures) must be submitted electronically as email attachments form to Editor-in-chief or deputy editor in accordance with the Guidelinesd for authors. For initial consideration a single pdf file is preferred. 

On receipt of submissions, authors will receive a letter acknowledging receipt and outlining the review process (see below) and the terms and conditions under which articles are accepted for publication.

Review process

After submission an article is reviewed as follows.
If the article is not declined immediately, the Executive editors (editor-in-chief or deputy-editor) and Editorial board assess the article and decide whether it should be declined or sent to specialist referees who are asked to return their comments within one month using a standard review form.

Revised and Final Versions of the Manuscript

When submitting a revised manuscript, please include your responses to the reviewers’ comments as part of the cover letter file. When submitting a revised manuscript with figures, include all figures, even if they have not changed since the previous version.
The final version of your manuscript must be submitted in Word (.doc) because your keystrokes will be used in copyediting and typesetting; a PDF does not contain usable character data and is thus not adequate. To ensure that special characters are typeset correctly, it is helpful if you also submit your own PDF of the final version manuscript, in addition to the Word file.