ISSN 1829-4618


Scholarly work by Academician Levon Khachikyan.
Introduction and editing by H. Kyoseyan. Translated by M. Papazian, Erevan, 2004

If the Book of Genesis or of the Creation is the beginning of the Bible, then Armenian biblical commentary begins with Eghishe's Commentary on Genesis. Eghishe's Commentary on Genesis is truly the first fruit of Armenian accomplishment in sacred theological literature. As with many other works, it has suffered a difficult fate. For a time it was lost and abandoned in chaos, its original text diffused. It was only through the fortunate accident that still in the tenth century in Armenian ecclesiastical literature, large and small fragments of this original manuscript were preserved in the commentaries on Genesis compiled by the priest David and vardapet Timothy. It is significant that Eghishe's Commentary on Genesis survived in Armenian ecclesiastical literature as far as the tenth century.

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