ISSN 1829-4618


By: Simavoryan A. S., Head of the Centre of Armenian Studies,
Noravank Scentific Educational Foundation

In foreign countries Armenology in general has a number of important functions for Armeniancy, but in some cases it is distorted and made to serve anti-Armenian and anti-Armenological purposes. Today there are such “Armenological” centers abroad whose activity is different from others and has an adverse context. They can be described as anti-Armenological or pseudo-Armenological centers since they are engaged in anti-Armenian, anti-scientific and anti-propaganda activities. Such institutions have been founded and operate in Turkey, Azerbaijan, and also in some other countries by their initiation and sponsorship. The main purpose of those centers is to serve their political anti-Armenian interest in the information area. Thus, anti-Armenian centers disguised under the name of “Armenological” have strategic meaning for Turkey.
Taking into account that fact it should be mentioned that the real Armenological centers have great significance in conditions of current information warfare for unmasking and confronting the Turkish-Azerbaijani encroachments against Armenian history, culture and other fields of Armenology which is one of the important problems of contemporary Armenology. It concerns not only the protection of interests of Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora in the international sphere but also the informational security of the Armeniancy. Thus, as it is noted, the achievements of Armenology should become a reliable stronghold for the further strengthening of Armenian statehood and against anti-Armenian pseudoscience and propaganda.

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