ISSN 1829-4618


By: Drampyan I. R., Doctor of Sciences (Arts)

Toros Roslin is rightfully considered one of the most accomplished Armenian painters of the Middle Ages. He lived and worked in Cilician Armenia. His miniatures which are imbued with deep spiritual, poetical and noble feelings revealed through a harmonious colour pattern and composition; his impeccable taste, power of observation and distinctive mastery; the progressive tendencies which are so clearly manifested in his work and which put him well ahead most of his colleagues (not only Armenian ones) - all these qualities make Toros Roslin’s work unique among other developments of the 13th-century art.
Cilician painting is firmly rooted in the centuries-old Armenian tradition, it was created by exponents of this tra¬dition, who introduced stylistic innovations and modifications in strict accordance with the national character.

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