ISSN 1829-4618


By: Isahakyan A. V. , Doctor of Sciences (Philology)

Avetik Isahakyan first wrote about the Armenian Question under the influence of the massacres of the peaceful Armenian population in Sasun and Zeitun in 1894, in a record made on November 5, 1894 in the book “Hishatakaran” (“The Diaries“, a kind of a confessional book where are collected the poet’s diaries from 1891 to 1956 - his thoughts and reflections).
In the face of Isahakyan the Armenian liberation movement acquired not only a talented singer-herald of the national idea, but also a political figure utterly devoted to his Mother-land who joined his destiny with the Armenian Question.
Since the early period of his creative activities Isahakyan kept the Armenian Question at the center of his attention. It runs like a red thread through his book “Hishatakaran”. Isahakyan’s diary on the Armenian Question from the moment of its creation and during the following 100 years lost not a bit of its relevance, moreover, in its philosophical generalization it can be called a book of the future, which gives us a glimpse into the future.

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