ISSN 1829-4618


By: Brutian G. A., Academician of NAS RA

The development of science nowadays urges for creating metascience. This refers to almost all sciences (metamathematics, metalogic, metalinguistics, etc.). If the subject-matter of science is the study of the laws of reality, then the subject-matter of metascience is the investigation of the very nature of science, its structure, and methods with the help of which science realizes its purposes. The concept of metascience is of more generic nature, and, thus, it comprises a wider grasp of respective concepts of science. There are notable achievements and scientific contributions in the field of Armenology – within scientific centers of Armenia, as well as in famous universities across the world. This mostly refers to concrete problems from the point of view of their relevance to the Armenian realm (the material of such studies is mostly taken from the Armenian reality). It is time also to study the question – what is Armenology, to define the subject-matter of Armenology, the relation of Armenian studies with the other fields of knowledge, to define the place of Armenology in the system of sciences, etc. Armenology can be defined as a theory of specificities about Armenian which are presented through different fields of scientific knowledge and which are studied by these corresponding sciences with their inherent methods. Metaarmenology can be defined as a science which investigates the character of Armenology, its place in the system of knowledge, and the methods of its study. 

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