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By: Danielyan E. L., Doctor of Sciences (History)

Armenia’s strategic position, rich natural resources, military-economic might, high level of cultural achievements greatly contributed to the development of Armenian civilizational values, owing to more than five millennia-old ethno-spiritual, cultural and social-political roots of the Armenian statehood in the Armenian Highland, attested to by the archaeological and architectural monuments, and town building, cuneiform, ancient and medieval written and other historic sources. Armenia is the cradle of the Armenian nation and world civilization, according to the historical archaeological and ethno-cultural investigations. Continuing the Ottoman, Young Turk and Kemalist genocidal policy Turkish state-sponsored “research centres” falsify world history and particularly the history and the historical geography of Armenia. Falsification of the history and historical geography of Armenia, especially, distortion of the toponymy of Western Armenia and Cilician Armenia are used for denial of the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish government. But precisely because of irrefutable facts of the history of Armenia and the spiritual power of the Armenian historical heritage, Turkish and Azerbaijani efforts to falsify the history of Armenia and deny the Armenian Genocide are doomed to failure. Thanks to the heroic struggle of the Armenian freedom fighters in the Artsakh Liberation war (1991-1994), aggressive Azerbaijan was defeated and the native Armenian population and Armenian historic monuments were protected in the Artsakh liberated lands. The guarantors of the protection of the Armenian civilizational heritage are the Republic of Armenia and the Artsakh Republic.

Լրաբեր Հասարակական Գիտությունների, № 1, 2014, pp. 46-61.

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