ISSN 1829-4618


By: Naira Sahakyan,

Yerevan, Newmag, 2023, 304 p.

100 years ago, Armenian thought was inspired by European values. First it was socialism, now it is democracy. 100 years ago, and today, the main question remains the same: how to build relations with Russia? At the beginning of the last century, Armenians in the Ottoman, Iranian and Russian empires actively participated in future-oriented ideological discussions. The Caucasian events of 1917 showed the ideological differences of Armenian politicians and intellectuals. The role of the Caucasus was redefined. It was a part of the ancient kingdom of Armenians, therefore the territory of Armenian autonomous existence, and then also the restoration of the state. What were the expectations of the Armenian parties from the Tsarist government and then from the Bolshevik government? Why did the fate of Western Armenia divide Armenians into Leninist and Plekhanovian ideological camps? Armenians՛ ideas about the right to self-determination 100 years ago: what was changed?