ISSN 1829-4618


By: Aleksan Hakobian, Docteur en sciences historiques Institut d’études orientales, NAN RA

(second revised edition) by Aleksan Hakobyan, Gitutyun, Yerevan, 2022, 305 p.

In the second, revised edition of this monograph on Caucasian Albania (the first was published in 1987), one of the components of the Caucasian historical and cultural region, a deeper semantic analysis of the terms "Albania" and "Albanians" in ancient and medieval sources in the period from IV century to X century AD is carried out. The author reasonably shows that the term "Albanians", which never reflected the self-name of the formed ethnic unit, meant only a meta-ethnic community - the population of political and administrative entities with the name "Albania". Concretizing the content of the studied terms for each historical epoch, the author reveals the most important moments of Albanian history, historical geography, chronology and ethnonymy, analyzes in detail the unique monument of Armenian historical literature of the 10th century - “History of Albania” by Movses Dashurantsi.