ISSN 1829-4618


By: Yuri Suvaryan, Member of Academy, NAS RA
Academician-Secretary of the Department
of Armenology and Social Sciences

In order to discover the patterns of development of nature and society and to apply them in practice, as well as to meet the needs of people and to provide a secure environment, there was an objective necessity for the development of human civilization with the components of culture, science, production, political science and state management.
Logically and based on historical experience, the security of the statehood of each country (people) and the efficiency of public administration are conditioned by the ratio of the degree of development of political and state administrative thought to the level of civilization achieved. If the former is inferior to the latter, the efficiency of public administration significantly decreases; the statehood and the destiny of the people and the possibility of them living safely in their homeland are endangered under the influence of that factor. Therefore, it is necessary to prioritize the increase of public administration efficiency, in particular, to introduce scientific principles in the system of state and local self-government, to develop the political culture of the society and the level of analytical thinking, to attach essential importance to the training of personnel in the fields of political science, diplomacy and international law and to conducting scientific research in those areas with the aim of using the results obtained while making strategic management decisions, to strictly clarify the distribution of power between the branches of government, enshrining in the constitution the necessary counterbalances and checks.
In conditions of globalization the so-called deep state is a guarantee of the security of statehood and effective governance, a factor guiding and counterbalancing the activities of civil society. In the Republic of Armenia this role can be claimed by the Armenian Apostolic Church, the intellectual and mature business elite, the high-ranking officers of the army and the National Security Service which must undertake their patriotic mission as a tradition.

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