ISSN 1829-4618


By: Kamilla Trever,

Kamilla Trever was a prominent Russian and Soviet Orientalist, historian, numismatist, who specialized on the Caucasus, Central Asia and Iran. She is the author of several monograps like “Sassanid Metal”, Moscow-Leningrad, 1935 (co-author I.A.Orbeli), “Monuments of Greco-Bactrian Art, 1940”, «Essays on the history and culture of Caucasian Albania in the IV century BC — VII century AD», Leningrad, 1959, “Sassanian silver. Collection of State Hermitage”, Leningrad, 1987 (co-author V.Lukonin, published posthumously) and about 100 articles.
K.Trever’s «Essays on the history and culture of ancient Armenia (II century BC – IV century AD)”, Leningrad, 1953 (in Russian) is a fundamental study where the author discusses crucial problems of Armenia of Classical period, particularly those connected with the pagan temple at Garni. The second part of her study deals with ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions found during excavations in different parts of Armenia.
Below is introduced the chapter from this study dealing with the cult of Mihr, one of the supreme gods of ancient Armenian pagan religion (77-95).

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