ISSN 1829-4618


By: Kharatyan Albert, Corresponding Member of NAS RA

The conflict between the two Catholicoses Davit and Daniel started due to their desire to ascend to the throne of the Catholicosate which lasted about 6 years (1891-1897). The underlying issues of the conflict were conditioned by such factors as the self-interest of different members in the ecclesiastic elite, their interpersonal and in-group discords. The rivaling Russian and Persian diplomatic circles, wanting to keep their influence on the Catholicosate, fuelled the ongoing discords. Moreover, the Ottoman government pursued an indirect policy toward the conflict which was reflected in the fact that during that period the Patriarch GrigorKhamsetsi succeeded the CatholicosHovhannes after his forced resignation. At the same time, the given circumstance showed that the elite of the Armenian community in Constantinople had changing attitudes towards the two Catholicoses Davit and Daniel in terms of their recognition.
The existing controversy between the groups, supporting either Catholicos Davit or Daniel is also obvious. This controversy had a negative impact on the Armenian communities in both Constantinople and Smyrna. It disrupted the communities’ normal life, leading to unnecessary disputes among the population.

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