ISSN 1829-4618


By: Anushavan Zakaryan, PhD in Philology, Editor-in-chief of the “Historical and Philological Journal”

Institute of Arts, “Gitutyun” publishing house, Yerevan, 2019, 108 pages.

Thomas Hartmann (1885–1956), a Russian composer (of German origin), musicologist and conductor, took an active part in the musical and public life of the city, established friendly and creative ties with representatives of the Armenian intelligentsia.
The study of the author deals with the activities of Th.Hartmann directed towards the publication and preservation of the creative heritage of Komitas, the pioneer of the Armenian music. In the monograph is represented in detail the participation of Th.Hartmann in the establishment and activities of the “Society after Komitas”, one of the memorable pages of the Armenian music culture.