ISSN 1829-4618


By: Artsrun Hovhannisyan, PhD, Associate Professor, Colonel, Vazgen Sargsyan Military Academy of the MD RA, Head of the Institute of Command and Staff,

Military Art. Air Supremacy, Volume 1, Yerevan, 2016
During the last seventy years nearly no war was initiated on the ground. In order to estimate the role of Means of air attack (MAA) and the aviation in general we are to learn lessons also from our not remote past. The Armenian population also made use of Flying vehicles (FV) during the Artsakh struggle for existence, which served for the Armenian people as a strategic transport in the absence of land border.
Until the opening of the Berdzor (Lachine pass-corridor) all the transportation of the Armenian side was done with the help of aviation. Without hesitation we are to note that the aviation didn’t allow the enemy to empty Artsakh from native Armenians. It’s well known to the history some events when the transporting aviation played an essential role in this or that struggle.

Taking into consideration all above mentioned factors, we are to be the first to pass to the methodology of technological wars, as our human resources are strictly limited. In this age of new wars we should first of all take care of the development of the MAA. It’s necessary for us such MAA which could carry an attack to the day in day out arming Azerbaijan, even only to some painful zones. Such MAAs are reliable and satisfy the new requirements of the epoch.

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