ISSN 1829-4618


By: Stepanyan G. S., Doctor of Sciences (History)

"Lusakn",  Yerevan, 2016, 1087pp.

Armenian national liberation movement “gave birth” to a great number of heroes who created the glorious history of our nation with their struggle and selfless devotion. One of them is Hamazasp Srvandztiants, a great patriot who came to continue the work of the founders of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party. At the dramatic moments of the beginning of the 20th-century Armenian history, he harnessed himself to his nation’s struggle for survival without hesitation, with an infinite sense of responsibility. Heroism was typical to the human essence of Hamazasp. He lived a short, but prolific and turbulent life full of endless struggle for his Homeland, getting hardened as a noble military figure of immense will-power. Hamazasp's life was an endless chain of struggle, he sought to use his strength and energy in such a way that he could bring the most benefit to his Fatherland. Hamasazp’s unyielding will and the noblest image were created in this atmosphere. His life is closely connected with the most fatal events of our history.

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