ISSN 1829-4618


By: Yuri Suvaryan, Member of Academy, NAS RA
Academician-Secretary of the Department
of Armenology and Social Sciences

A prominent representative of the Armenian social-political thought is Mikayel Nalbandyan, a poet, writer, literary critic, publicist, and revolutionary-democrat. His rich literary and public heritage has been studied, literarily criticized, and appreciated in a number of literary, historical, philosophical, and economic studies.
As a broad thinker and a supporter of promoting Armenian national issues, M. Nalbandyan especially emphasized economic problems within the broader issues. This is why he has prioritized economic development in his works and developed advanced concepts in this regard, which later on have become research topics for the economists.
The aim of M.Nalbandyan’s work, according to the author, “is only to make the nation think about its future,” that is why, in his own words, there is a need for “preaching the economic issue, preaching the human being, preaching the nation…” as the main pillars for the establishment and development of statehood. M.Nalbandyan’s views on public administration are really “supportive directives” for the strengthening and development of the current Armenian statehood.

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