ISSN 1829-4618


By: Brutian G. A., Academician of NAS RA

The works of David the Invincible (Anhakht) contain analyses not only of the traditional problems of philosophy - problems of ontology, gnoseology, logic, ethics, esthetics, but also questions concerning cosmogony, mathematics, medicine, biology, grammar, psychology, musicology and so on. However, among all the problems, the questions of logic occupy, by their significance, a peculiar place in the works of David the Invincible. Some of David the Invincible’s works bear such an important significance both for the history of logic and for that of philosophy that, being a scrupulous textual analysis of a number of the sections of Aristotle’s works, they give us the possibility to restore the real picture of the Stagirite’s studies and their place in the development of the ideas of logic and philosophy.
On the whole, David the Invincible’s study on the subject of logic, on the forms of thought, is one of the important pages of the ancient period of the history of logic, and the world history of logical studies would have suffered without due regard for all that has come down to us from the Armenian thinker’s theoretical heritage.

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