ISSN 1829-4618


By: Danielyan E. L., Doctor of Sciences (History)

More than 4500-year-old roots of the Armenian Army are hallowed by the freedom struggle of the Armenian nation for the defence of the Fatherland against foreign invaders. The Armenian liberation torch sanctified by Hayk Patriarch passed over from Hayots Dzor to Avarayr, Zeytun, Sasun, Sardarapat and has reached Artsakh. The heroes sacrificing their lives for the liberation of the Fatherland are immortalized. The works of the Armenian Golden Age literature «History of Armenia» by Movses Khorenatsi, «The History of Vardan and the Armenian War» and «Commentary on Genesis» by Eghishe (the 5th century) are unique phenomena in the world historical literature where ethnic genealogy and patriotism are brought together in a spiritual unity.

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