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At the present stage of high technologies The National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia is publishing electronic magazines and journals covering different fields of science. Taking into account the fact that Armenology has been proclaimed a priority direction of the scientific policy of the Republic of Armenia and that the concept of Armenology and the strategy of the development of the field of Armenology through 2012-2025 have been approved by a RA government decision, presently an opportunity is offered to present to the international scientific community studies in the sphere of Armenology by the Internet. The “Fundamental Armenology” journal in the English language, created with the support of “The All Armenian Foundation Financing Armenological Studies”, is called to undertake this project.

The publication of the journal is taking place on the eve of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, thus the articles, publications and documents included in the journal are for the most part dedicated to the memory of the innocent victims, international recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide. The vivid evidence of the Motherland-Diaspora unity is a just demand reflected in the all-Armenian Declaration on the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide adopted at the Republic of Armenia and the Artsakh Republic high state level under the spiritual patronage of the Armenian Apostolic Church.
“Fundamental Armenology” includes studies devoted to the history of Armenia, historical geography, philosophy and law, demography and governance, archaeology, linguistics, literature, political science and informational security. Along with the articles and books elucidating current Armenological issues, attention is paid to the publication of works having actual significance and written by the preceding generation of prominent Armenologists which emanates from the principle of heredity contributing to the development of science.
Armenology has great experience of international cooperation, the foundations of which were laid in the Golden Age of Armenian culture, with translations into Armenian of numerous literary works of the Ancient World thanks to the Armenian alphabet created by St. Mesrop Mashtots for the millennia-old Armenian language. Among them are also a number of important works, the Greek and Assyrian originals of which have been lost with the lapse of time and presently it is possible to get acquainted with them only through Armenian translations.
Armenology has a history of centuries and due to historical circumstances expanding beyond the boundaries of the Motherland it has included numerous centers and research schools founded abroad, a considerable part of which have harmonized the development of studies in the fields of Armenian history and philology, architecture and art. Thus, within the framework of international cooperation the publication of fundamental Armenological studies will be realized.
But there are also centers that are actually engaged in falsifications of history and in the information sphere with political purposes, so special attention is paid to unmasking and strict criticizing of falsifications and distortions and, in particular, the Turkish-Azerbaijani ones pursuing the denial of the Armenian Genocide.
Vivid evidence of the current international cooperation of Armenian and foreign Armenologists has been the First (2003) and Second International Armenological Conferences (2013), the discussed issues and published materials of which testify to the need to research and give solutions at the academic level to the urgent problems and contemporary challenges faced by Armenology.
“Fundamental Armenology” offers great opportunities to introduce the outcomes of works by Armenian and foreign Armenologists, to discuss through academic research work the existing problems and to outline and implement their solutions, as well as theoretically substantiate and present the upcoming projects at the international level.